The Future

A Statement from the Officers of Morton Baptist Church

NOTE: Clarification (13/11/18) Please see additional statement below.

Following a meeting of the Church members today, 8thNovember 2018, the members have written to the Trustees to advise them that the number of members wishing to continue in membership beyond the end of the year is below the level at which the Church could function biblically or practically*. The future of the Church beyond 30thDecember 2018 has therefore been placed in the hands of the Trustees to determine, in conjunction with the continuing members.

This will be our only public statement on this matter, and any further enquiries should be addressed to The Trustees, c/o Morton Baptist Chapel, Lower Morton, Thornbury BS35 1LF.

Jonathan Hunt, Minister
Philip Chillcott, Deacon
Robert Shipp, Treasurer

* Clarification: The statement that the church cannot function ‘practically or biblically’ DOES NOT IMPLY OR INFER that any meetings beyond the end of the year would be ‘unbiblical’ or wrong. It was intended only to make it plain that external help is needed in order that the church can function as any New Testament church should.