Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter March 2017

“Pray without ceasing”

Dear Friends,

We lead with the Apostle Paul’s very simple urging, one of a list, to ‘pray without ceasing’.
We need to follow this instruction! As we have seen in our recent series ‘The Battle for Souls’ — there is no greater need than that we see conversions, and there is no other source of power in this battle than the Lord Himself. Of course there are many other things we need to pray about, but there can be few things of such vital importance — for the glory of God, and for the continued life of our church. The ministry we seek to engage in together (the work of the ministry is for all, not just for the Pastor — see ministry from Ephesians 4) is most simply expressed in two ways — to see sinners saved, and to see believers grow in the faith. All of this is a supernatural work, a spiritual work. We cannot possibly imagine that any number of things we do — however worthy they may be — will bring these two aims to pass.

We can study God’s word diligently. We can preach it powerfully. We can witness faithfully. We can do many good things — but only God can change hearts and minds, and we need to seek Him in prayer, together.

Prayer together humbles us. It reminds us that we all depend entirely upon the Lord. Prayer together encourages us — we may discuss things together but to hear one and another pleading with the Lord is heartening, as we realise that we are united in our longing. So we can also say that prayer together unites us. Prayer together also edifies us, as we learn from one another’s prayers.

Enough theory. There will be no progress without prayer, and we will see no blessing either. There will be more ‘Opportunities to Pray’ from this month forwards. Please see the website for details of when and where we will be gathering to pray. And make this your priority. Nothing matters more.