Our Membership

The membership at Morton Baptist Church is made up of ordinary men and women who have had their lives transformed by the grace of God. Membership is open to all those who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, who assent to the statement of faith of the church, and who have been baptised as believers by full immersion*.

Membership of the church is not compulsory, and some who attend regularly are not members – but it is strongly encouraged! A member plays a full part in the life of the church, and most importantly is able to attend, speak, and vote at Church Business Meetings. As Baptists, we practice congregational Church Government – which means that we believe that God’s guidance will be clearly known through the consent (vote) of the local church, acting in accordance with the principles laid out in God’s Word. Church membership really matters! More information will be placed here in future about this topic.

* The church membership has discretion to waive this condition in exceptional circumstances.