Special Day Conference 2014

To mark the 180th Anniversary of our Chapel, but more importantly, the 30th anniversary of our Church which meets in our Chapel, we held a special day conference on the subject of the Local Church.

Each address and audio files are below. You can listen directly from this page or use the link underneath the player to download.

The Power of Prayer in the Local Church – Oliver Baker

Why do many local churches see so little blessing? Could it be because we have lost sight of the power of prayer, and of God’s promises to the Church at prayer? Do we pray as the Bible teaches us to? Have we thought about the importance of actually asking for specific blessings, and the essential place of faith and belief in our prayers? Oliver Baker here shares from the scriptures in these things, and draws on the experience and testimony of the members of Woolwich Evangelical Church in London, where he serves as a pastor and teacher.

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The importance of Evangelism by the Local Church – Bruce Massop

What can be done in these spiritually dark days to reach the lost all around us with the gospel of Christ? We might readily despair as we see a handful of gifted evangelists at work in Open Air witness, and feel that we can never have their gifts or influence. Bruce Massop encouraged us in sharing our faith in everyday situations, opening the scriptures and drawing on his work and experiences as a pastor, teacher and church planter at Grace Baptist Church in Grays, Essex.

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The Glory of Christ in the Local Church – Phil Heaps

Why do we believe so passionately in the local church? Many people now seem to place their hope in denominations and large Christian organisations of various kinds. How may we recover enthusiasm for and dedication to the work of the local church? The answer lies in seeing how Christ has uniquely commissioned the local church to do His work until the end of time, and in understanding how His power, authority and glory may all be displayed plainly to the watching world as we seek to follow Him. Phil Heaps serves Grace Church, Yate, as a pastor and teacher.

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