Thornbury Foodbank

foodbank-logoAt Morton, we are involved in the Thornbury Foodbank in two ways. (Please note that we DO NOT run the Foodbank and cannot answer queries!)

Firstly, we encourage folks to donate food monthly for the Foodbank. There is a list of most-needed items on the church noticeboard. Donations can be left at Thornbury Baptist Church or at Tesco Thornbury.

Secondly, we are a ‘Voucher Partner’. This means that we are able to issue a voucher to those in need which entitles them to a pack containing several days’ food, which can be collected from the Thornbury Baptist Church Centre. If you know someone in need, or you are in need yourself, please get in touch. If you have queries about food donation or anything else, you will need to contact TBC directly on 01454 419 118.