Grittleton Chapel

12829248_1128948347139526_8655973145449762374_oGrittleton Baptist Chapel in North Wiltshire is a very early example of a nonconformist chapel. It is in the ownership of the Historic Chapels Trust.

It is the concern of some that the Chapel still be used for worship and the preaching of the Word of God in accordance with the history of the church that once met there, and it is our hope that a church might be re-established in due time. A service is held at the Chapel on the third Sunday of each month at 2:30pm.

14107620_1251944861506540_671806066442507396_oOn Saturday 10th September 2016, Dr Robert Oliver of Bradford-upon-Avon gave an historical talk on the history of Baptists in England, with particular reference to Grittleton, and the local landowner Walter White, who was a puritan and who took the side of Parliament in the Civil War. You can listen to that talk here by clicking the play bar, or download if you prefer. Both low and high quality versions are available.


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