Past Ministers

Morton Baptist Church traces its history to 1834. Built during the ministry of W.J. Cross, until 1984 it was a mission station of Thornbury Baptist Church, and the pastors of Thornbury had oversight at Morton:

1832-1844     W.J. Cross

1845-1852     John Eyres

1853-1856     Mr. LeFevre

1858-1860     John Light

1860-1871     J. Matthews

1872-1902     G. Rees

1903-1905     W.W. Reed

1906-1914     W.J. Young

1916-1921     E.C. Camble

1922-1927     J.E. Dennis

1928-1933     W. West-Johnson

1941-1943     F.E. Rogers

1943-1949     F. Farley-Pettman

1951-1953     Oscar W. Smart

1954-1960     Courtney Rundell

1961-1972     A. David Edwards

1976-1984     A.W. Butler

From 1984, Morton became an independent church. These are the pastors of Morton Baptist Church in its modern, independent era:

1984-1987     Rev. Reg. Cox B.A. (With the Lord, May 2012)

1987-1990     Dr Jack Cribbs

1991-1995     Dr Stephen Mitchell

1998-2006     Rev. Peter Crowhurst

Pastor Crowhurst also served as moderator in 1997, and from 2007-2011 he served as Pastor Emeritus, preaching as he was able and offering pastoral support.