Eastcombe Conference 2015

We are happy to host the audio for the Eastcombe Conference held on 4th April 2015:

High Quality Files:

Union and Communion with Christ – Rev. Daffydd Morris:

The Presence of God in the Congregation – Rev. Malcolm H. Watts

The Hope of Heaven – Rev R. Jeremy Brooks

Low Quality (Smaller filesize, faster download):

Daffydd Morris:

Malcolm Watts:

Jeremy Brooks:

Ordination and Induction

If you would like to hear any parts of my Ordination and Induction Service, they are available on this page. Please note that the hymns are much larger file sizes as the quality is no good in a small size:

Service of Ordination:

1. Call to Worship & Opening Prayer Rev. Colin Lewis

2. First Hymn – We praise, we worship Thee, O Lord

3. Reading – 1Timothy 3 Rev Colin Lewis

4. Prayer – Rev Colin Lewis

5. Second Hymn – Father of mercies, bow Thine ear

6. The Ordination – Rev Colin Lewis

7. Third Hymn – God is working His purpose out

Service of Induction:

8. Induction – Opening Sentences and Prayer – Rev Colin Lewis

9. Fourth Hymn – Light up this house with glory, Lord

10. Reading – 1 Cor 1.18-31 – Mr David Price

11. The History of the Call – Mr Philip Chillcott

12. Response to the call – Mr Jonathan Hunt

13. The Induction – Rev Colin Lewis

14. Reading – Acts 20 v17-38 – Rev Alex Macdougall

15. Sermon – Ephesians 3.8 – Rev Alex Macdougall

16. Fifth Hymn – O Lord, close to Thee we would cleave & Benediction