Attending Services During the Pandemic

 We are very pleased to be able to announce that, in accordance with Government guidelines, we intend to re-start our Sunday morning services. 

THANK YOU to Geraint for volunteering to carry out the risk assessment for the chapel, making it possible for us to return to worship. He did a very professional job. 

Some key points for the members of the congregation to know and be aware of before they attend the service: 

• Stay at home if you would rather not come. 

• Stay at home if you have any of the symptoms associated with the Coronavirus or have been in contact with people who have had symptoms of the virus- eg. Close family and households 

• Face masks are currently required by law.

• There will be a one way system in the Church. In through the main entrance at the front and exit through the vestry side door. 

• Follow the one way system outside to the side foyer if toilets are required during the service. 

• Use hand sanitiser on the way in by the entrance AND on the way out by the exit. 

• No offering will be taken up – there will be a box on the way out instead.

• Please bring your own Bible to Church and take it with you again. 

• There will be limited designated seats in the main Church. 

• There will be overflow seating designated in the School Room which you may have to use if the main Church is full. 

• Please keep two metres (or six & half feet) apart whilst queueing to come in at the front of the Church. 

• Please leave reasonably promptly at the end of the service not to block the aisle for others wishing to leave. 

• The link door between the Church and the toilet/ foyer area will be for emergency use only 

The government recommendations for taking passengers in private cars is rather limiting. Due to this and the general Covid-19 recommendations (especially with regard to older persons) Paul very much regrets, for the safety of his passengers and himself, that he will not be giving people lifts for the time being. 

(A copy of the COVID-19 risk assessment will be kept in the vestry together with a copy of the government guidelines for the safe use of places of worship 4 July 2020). 

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