Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter June & July 2015

Dear Friends,

“ I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End ”

— Revelation 1.8

Our photo is a picture of the ‘Golden Gate’ as seen from the Garden of Gethsemane. Your artistically–minded photographer included some of the ironwork which adorns the front of a church building at the Garden. You can see it displays the first and 2014-12-07 09.01.58last letters of the greek alphabet — Alpha and Omega. When you think about it, this expression, used by the Lord Jesus to describe Himself in the first chapter of Revelation, is extraordinarily simple. It is an almost everyday expression (think ‘A to Z’), yet it is an enormous claim. None of us (I hope) would ever say anything like this of ourselves. The recent General Election campaign highlighted (brutally, in some cases) the frailty of humans, especially when put under pressure. Nothing of the ‘comprehensive’ nature of God is found in us, and yet in Jesus Christ, the God–Man, it certainly is.

Our Saviour is the ‘Beginning and the End’. He was there at the dawn of time. He made all things, as we see plainly in John 1. He is the Creator. He will be there at the end of time, too, indeed, as He is God and one with the Father, time will end upon His command. As He was Creator at the beginning, so He will be Judge at the end. Perhaps you know these things well. Perhaps you wonder why I mention them here.

The reason is that I think it is perfectly Biblical to say that our Saviour is Beginning, End, and everything in between! Whilst we need to understand the Beginning, and we certainly need to be ready for the End, what occupies us now is the ‘in between’. Whilst we seek to ‘set our hearts on things above’ we still have to live here in this world, and make our way. How can we do it? It helps to know that our Lord is Creator of all, but He is also Sustainer of all things, and the Saviour of the world which He has made! He shall be the Judge of this world too, but we may know His pardon and have eternal life because of His perfect life once–offered at Calvary. Friends, in the ‘Alpha and Omega’ is all that we need for now, and for then. His sufficient, comprehensive nature also speaks to us of how He knows all things, and has a plan for our lives even when we cannot see the way before us.

Whatever lies ahead, right now, we can trust the Lord Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega.

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