Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter October 2014

There shall be no night there – Revelation 22.5


Dear Friends,

The nights are drawing in once again, and soon, if you are anything like me, you’ll be longing for a little more light! The darkness makes us want to settle comfortably in our homes earlier every evening — and who can deny the comfort of being ‘tucked up’ by a warm fire?

Darkness is unsettling, it conceals dangers and can play tricks with our minds. In the Bible, darkness is originally associated with nothingness (Genesis 1) but it takes up a familiar association with God’s judgment, and with danger or threat very quickly. The Lord Jesus spoke of those who had rejected Him as being cast into ‘outer darkness’ (Matthew 8.12, 22.13, 25.30).

The future of the Christian believer is one that will leave memories of winter far behind, for we read in Revelation 22 of the city of God, and that there will be ‘no night there’ and that there is no need of any ‘lamp nor light of the sun’ because ‘The Lord God gives them light’. How could it be otherwise? We know that ‘God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all’ (1 John 1.5). He is not just the Creator of light, but He is light.

In recent days, we have seen a dear church member go to be with the Lord. We mourn, of course, but we rejoice greatly for her blessedness in the presence of God — and think of this — she will never be ‘in the dark’ again. It simply is not possible. God is light, and she is with Him. Remember that the passing cycle of night and day, and the seasons of light and darkness, all mark the certain passing of time. Every day brings us nearer to the land of light and life, and closer to seeing the Lord face to face!

We know that darkness is purely the absence of light. Night comes because the Sun is shining on another part of our planet’s surface, not because the Sun has stopped shining! Our Saviour is the ‘Sun of Righteousness’, and His saving, healing rays never cease in their radiance and strength. The light is shining constantly, even now, but for the time being we must be content with a partial experience of it, just as we settle for our daily dose of sunshine, however small it may become. Even on the darkest winter’s day, we know that the sun still shines. Dear reader, keep looking to Jesus. However long, or dark, the night of this life may seem, it will end in glorious day.

No more night… may this promise gladden your heart, because whatever darkness you may face, it will not last, and one day, it will be gone forever!

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