Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter July & August 2014

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise

– Proverbs 11.30

Dear Friends,

For your summer contemplation I present a well–known text. At least, the second part of the proverb is well–known! It is a favourite of archetypal ‘babdists’ (Baptists!) of the deep south in the USA, who describe their churches as ‘soul–winning’ churches. By this they generally mean that they engage in what they see as evangelism, most usually door–to–door visitation. So this verse is taken up as a ‘badge of honour’, and only churches that follow the set pattern of ‘soul–winning’ are considered worthy.

I’d like to point out that this verse is speaking about each of us as an individual. Of course, it does apply to the ‘the church’, but we need to apply it to ourselves first. I’d also point out that the verse does not say ‘you are a wise person if you go and win souls’. No, it says, if you win souls, you are wise. What does it mean?

What does it mean to ‘win a soul’? If your own soul has been won, you will know! It means that someone has been saved from their sin, and turned from their godless life to follow Jesus Christ. How can a soul be won? Of course, only by God’s power at work in their lives, convicting them of sin and granting them repentance unto faith. God is sovereign, but man is responsible, as we have seen in our recent studies in John 3.

If we are saved ourselves, then we have a responsibility to be soul–winners. God uses feeble folk like us to accomplish His work, and we are always amazed at that. Does this mean that we should be out on the street pushing people into false professions of faith or emotionally manipulating people so that we can claim to have ‘won a soul’? Many churches do just this, and so long as a person repeats a prayer on a door step they count them in their statistics. This is the result of human pride and the need to feel a sense of ‘accomplishment’.

No, we don’t need to be like that. Look at the text — ‘the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life’. We are to be those whose lives are like a fruitful tree, bringing blessings to those around us by our conduct, example, and prayers. Then, when we have the opportunity to witness (which is the use of actual words, the good news of the gospel) then our lives will add credence to the words we say as folk see Christ in us. Let us seek to be soul–winners. It begins with the reality of our own walk with God, and continues with our simple communication of the gospel. Then, when sinners come to Christ, we may be proven to be wise indeed!



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