Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter January 2013


  Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths

– Proverbs 3.5-6


Dear Friends,

It never fails to amaze us how quickly ‘the year rolls round’ – a reminder, if ever we needed it, of how brief life truly is. How many things did we hope to accomplish, even promise to accomplish, which we have not been able to, in the past year? Perhaps we visualized ourselves in a much different situation in a year’s time, when we read the January 2012 Messenger 12 months ago. Our ‘cover text’ is our church motto text for 2013, and it is the subject of our first sermon of the year, so I won’t labour it here.

I just want to focus on one aspect of the text, and ask one question. Are we, as a church, willing to allow the LORD to ‘direct our paths’? We might answer ‘yes’, but what does such a willingness look like in reality?

You might say at this point ‘The LORD will direct my paths whether I am willing or not’ – and in a sense that is true. It is deeply comforting to know that our God does lead and guide us, teaching us through our mistakes, and keeping us from greater ones; leading us into gospel opportunities and inspiring us by the Holy Spirit in our daily lives as we seek to live for His glory.

But what is your attitude to the God you profess to serve? Do you really ‘acknowledge Him’ in your life? Is He the first one to whom you turn in all of life’s circumstances whether good or bad? Is Jesus Christ in first place in your heart?

We say that we want to see people saved here at Morton, lives changed and a powerful witness for the gospel established for future days, but do our actions speak louder than our words and say that actually, we’re more interested in the ‘here and now’ than eternal things?

Make no mistake, we live in difficult days for the gospel in our land. Every conversion to Christ is a miracle, and a direct act of God’s sovereign power. We need His power and blessing so very badly. Psalm 110 v3 speaks of God’s people being ‘willing’ (KJV) in the ‘day of [His] power’.

We need His power. Are we willing?

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