Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter June 2012

As the deer pants for the water brooks,

so pants my soul for You, O God.

– Psalm 42.1


Dear Friends,

How much do you long for God?

If we are honest, we all know that there are times when we have very little desire for God. We are often obsessed with the details of everyday life, whether that is the youngest of us, glued to computer games, or the rest of us, with our minds taken up by employment, studies, hobbies, or our homes and families, it may be that one day follows another and we think very little about the Lord.

It might be that our lives don’t quite have the same dramatic background as the writer of Psalm 42. He was surrounded by people who constantly mocked him, asking ‘Where is your God?’. We might be tempted to think that our circumstances are different, and so the words do not apply to us. But surely a Christian believer should be characterised by, and driven by, a longing for more of the presence of God, day by day. Do we not need Him, and His sustaining help and power? Do we imagine that we can ‘go it alone’?

There is no mistake in the language of the Psalmist. The Lord, to him, is like a cooling stream of water, which the young deer longs for. Who is Jesus Christ to you? He has living water to refresh us daily – and we certainly need to pause, even if we are in the middle of a hectic ‘chase’ day by day, to draw near to Him, and to take the refreshment that our souls need. It is foolish and proud to think that we can go day by day without Him, pausing perhaps only once a week (or fortnight) when we find it convenient to meet with the church. We need the Lord every day, not once a week or less! Don’t be proud, but draw near to the waters and take what you need. You’ll find that there is never a drought, but rather, a flood of blessings! May God bless you in the coming days.




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