Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letter May 2012

So teach us to number our days,

That we may gain a heart of wisdom.

– Psalm 90.12

Dear Friends,

Our verse for this month is one I remember well from childhood. I took the meaning to be something like ‘don’t waste your life’ – and that is always a good thought to have, but of course there is much more to it than that!

This Psalm is one authored by Moses, and his intent is more that we should understand that every day may be our last. We humans rarely think of death, and we always assume that we will be here tomorrow. We need to remember that we are mortal, and we need to ‘gain a heart of wisdom’ – to apply our minds to great and eternal things which are yet to come.

As a fellowship we have known several bereavements in recent times. Now we mourn the passing of our dear brother, David Collins. We will miss him greatly, but we rejoice that he is with Christ, which is ‘far better’. A full tribute and appreciation of David will appear in the June edition of the Messenger.

All of life is a classroom, a preparation for eternity, and I want to ask you, each member and friend of Morton Chapel, if you are prepared to learn the lesson, and to learn it well, that you will yourself have to face death. Have you ‘numbered your days’ – that is, taken account of the fact that there are a limited number of them available to you?

Our brother David is in Heaven, but where will you spend eternity? I remember a sermon by our friend, Rev. Richard Mortimer, in which he asked whether we would treat life as ‘a playground, or a preparation?’ There are many wonderful things in life which we can enjoy, but don’t spend your life ‘playing around’ with insignificant things which cannot last. Apply your heart to eternal realities – take the health of your soul seriously, and believe only on Jesus Christ, who is ‘the Resurrection and the Life’.

(Jonathan Hunt) Pastor


O, praise our God today:                                              O, praise our God today:

Come, let us haste to pay                                             Nor till tomorrow stay,

Due thanks and homage to our King.                         For hours and days are passing fast;

Bid every power awake,                                              This evening’s setting sun

And cheerful music make,                                           May find our work undone,

While grateful hearts their tributes bring.                And tell us that our day is past.

*                                                                                       *

O, praise our God today:                                              O, praise our God today:

All who have served Him say                                      Our loved ones gone away

How kind and good are all His ways.                          Now sing in yonder world of light;

He is a friend in need,                                                    Come, join the heavenly song,

He is a friend indeed;                                                     Come, join the ransomed throng

Come, now, your grateful worship raise.                  Who praise Him ceaseless day & night!

Robert Walmsley, 1831-1905

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